Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be in Harmony, Have Fun!


Carolyn Hartfield

Evidence-Based Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Management Coach
Self-Management Workshops, Wellness Retreats, Keynote Speaker

A little about me.

My passion is health and wellness. My purpose is to share how we can best achieve our life's goals by taking a proactive and integrative approach to being the happiest and healthiest person we can be.  I support and motivate you to seek your greatest potential through thoughtful behaviors to obtain and manage a lifelong healthy lifestyle!

As a passionate Evidence-Based Programs Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach, I believe that the best way to achieve someone's life’s goals is to enhance your quality of life to become more healthy, happy and live in harmony, while being receptive to creating a nurturing environment. Your road to optimal wellness begins here.

My primary goal is to support your specific health and wellness goals with I viable intervention strategies and practical and life-changing. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized package designed just for you.  

I also conduct group sessions that include in-person and virtual workshops, retreats and local and international travel opportunities to help you expand your self-awareness.


More about what I do.

Providing evidenced-based workshops with primary focus on seniors, nutrition and food preparation demos, exploring the great outdoors through hikes and other fun activities.

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